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3M™ Safety and Security Window Films can greatly reduce the threat of injury due to flying glass in the Event of a Bombing or Explosion

Jacksonville Government Window Tinting - 3M Prestige Window Film Tinting Safety Security FilmsIn the event of a bombing or explosion, a building's Achilles heel is typically its glass surfaces. Shattered into sharp fragments and propelled at high speeds, these glass fragments can cause severe injury to the building's occupants. Thankfully, extensive testing has proven that the threat of injury due to flying glass can be greatly reduced with the use of 3M Safety and Security Window Films.

Over the past 20 years, 3M Safety and Security Films have been blast tested by various private and government agencies from Australia to England. Windows treated with these films have been subjected to a variety of close range explosive charges, including TNT, pipe bombs, molotov cocktails and more. In test after test, the protective film has demonstrated the ability to retain shattered glass, even when the entire window has been blown out of its frame.

These tests have concluded that 3M Safety and Security Film significantly reduces the potential of glass cut injuries. In this day and age, it seems no building is immune to the threat of terrorism. While heightened security cannot always prevent a building from becoming a target of a blast, precautionary measures such as the installation of window tinting can work to minimize the resulting damage. When you buy 3M Safety and Security Window Films, you are backed by the resources of one of the largest and most respected companies in the world.

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Note: 3M security window films are known by several common generic names, including: mylar film, glass safety film, impact film, fragment retention film, anti-terrorism film, blast-resistant film, glass protection film, safety film, security film, safety and security film, blast curtain film, and shatter-resistant film.

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3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems

You never know where danger and destruction will come from: sometimes nature, other times people. No matter where the threat comes from, 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems can help you be prepared for the worst. The 3M™ Impact Protection Atttachment System is a combination of 3M™ Ultra Safety and Security Window Film and the 3M™ Impact Protection Adhesive or Profile.

By using an attachment to secure our Ultra Safety and Security window tinting and glass to the window frame, a much stronger window system is created. And because both components in these window tinting systems from 3M, you're not only assured of the highest quality, but you also have a single company standing behind your warranty. It's a company know worldwide for innovation and integrity.

3M™ Safety and Security Window Films help hold your shattered glass together during severe weather conditions, accidental impact or vandalism. By using up to 42 layers of micro-thin polyester film, 3M films consistently outperform other window films of similar thickness.

3M™ Impact Protection Adhesive
3M™ Impact Protection Adhesive is a unique adhesive applied around the frame to bond the glass, window film and frame together. It significantly improves protection against severe weather damage, bomb blast or would-be intruders. Designed for use with 3M™ Ultra Safety and Security Window FIlms, it gives homeowners and commerical building owners more options.

3M™ Impact Protection Profile
The 3M™ Impact Protection Profile uses an ingenious system that includes a flexible, gasket-style attachment to lock the film and window to the fames. The Impact Protection Profile provides the same benefits as the Impact Protection Adhesive, plus it offers a clean, factory-finished appearance to the window.

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